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What is EcoSquirrel?
EcoSquirrel owned by Stock Squirrel, Inc.  Stock Squirrel is driven to make the world a better place by helping individuals make a difference through responsible investing and facilitation of sustainability projects.  Learn more about EcoSquirrel at
Plaid will not accept my bank. What should I do?
Since Plaid is a 3rd party provider for us, we have limited control over who they will accept. However, please let us know the name of the bank your credit card was issued on and we will report it.
How can I earn EcoPoints if I do not register a credit card?
We have a special report screen (its the middle menu item at the bottom of your screen) that can be used to manually tell us where and when you shopped. Just choose one of your companies along with the date and amount you spent and the EcoPoints will come rolling in!
What is StockSquirrel?
StockSquirrel is the sister company to EcoSquirrel.  When released, StockSquirrel will let you own stock in companies where you shop while you earn Eco Points.  We are excited to roll out this new offering to our EcoSquirrel users in late 2023.  Learn more about StockSquirrel at
Is this really FREE?
Yes!  EcoSquirrel makes money by reaching out to companies we believe care about the planet.  That means no cost to you!
How do I sign up for EcoSquirrel?

Currently the EcoSquirrel app is available in the Google Play store.
It will be available in the Apple App store late March,2023.

How do I redeem my EcoPoints?

When you redeem your EcoPoints we make a charitable donation in your name to the sustainabilty project that you select.
The first set of projects will be available April 2023.  

Can I only select companies from the EcoSquirrel List?
That is the complete list at this time, but we welcome your suggestions for new places that you like.  Please send your ideas to
Do you have a rewards program?
Yes!  It’s in the works. Look for details coming soon.
What is your Privacy Policy?

Our privacy policy can be found at

What does the future hold for EcoSquirrel?
We are working with several organizations to add to our sustainability project portfolio including projects in which our users can participate in person!