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Save the Planet
When You Shop!

EcoSquirrel is the ONLY app where you earn credits to fund sustainability projects when you go shopping – online or in the mall!
And it’s completely FREE!

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The EcoSquirrel App

EcoSquirrel has partnered with Soli to offer seamless integration of EcoPoints to fund environmental causes. Every time you shop with one of the 200 EcoSquirrel companies and brands, we donate to a meaningful, sustainability project in your name!

You can make a difference


as you normally would

Earn Ecopoints

that fund sustainability projects

Save the Planet

And offset your carbon footprint

Do good for the planet while supporting the brands you love

EcoSquirrel has partnered with Soli who offers several sustainability projects. EcoSquirrel offers EcoPoints to our members for FREE that can be redeemed to help fund these projects. Collect EcoPoints by shopping at one of the EcoSquirrel partner companies.

Partner Projects

Tree Folks

Reforestation in flood plains and urban areas in Central Texas.

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Arbor Day Foundation

On a mission to plant 500 million trees by 2027 in areas where they’re needed most.

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